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Danielle St John





As a recovering perfectionist, I have a voice in my head that keeps me up at night running through to-do lists, forcing me to write notes on every possible piece of paper around.

Most days I feel responsible for needing to remember and do everything for everyone, because if not me, who else? After all, how will it ever get done “the right way” if I don’t do it? I found myself working in overdrive for almost five years, proud of my perfectly busy life. Looking back, who was I? Okay fine, so I was the youngest C-suite Exec at the largest travel management company in the Caribbean, wondering why I was challenged daily as a young, female, know-it-all, type A sort. Fast forward to a pandemic, throwing my highly managed life out of sorts. Pivot? What’s that?


Now what…


My daily routine consists of saging bad energy, drinking green juice and protein shakes (because everyone needs that 20g in their back pocket) and doing the yoga, the boxing, and the weight training because all of a sudden I’m stuck in my house and there are no excuses for being too busy to workout! 


In between, I do the usual 9-5 gig and after that I coach recovering perfectionists like me, to let go and somehow get more done, using my Life Design program. I know, how is that possible? Trust me, it is. I love coaching those not willing to admit it and also those who have no idea what a perfectionist is. 


You could say my big personality, consistent chatter, and confidence (no matter how I’m feeling that day) are what influence the energy of the rooms I walk into. If you tell me I can’t do something, I will do everything I can to prove you wrong.

So here I am, Danielle St John, Recovering Perfectionist, Accountability Coach. Let’s start designing your life. Book a call with me.

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make yourself a priority


So, you may be wondering how I got here…

  • Despite being a millennial, I’ve got laser-sharp focus, positive attitude and a deep understanding that technology is increasingly transforming the way we live. I am the Chief Operating Officer of the largest travel management company in the Caribbean, working daily to forge a new path for women and millennials in one of the most exciting fields in the travel industry. My teams are spread across 8 countries, which enables me to have an understanding of cultural characteristics across different regions. I focus on change management, operations, technology strategy and people management. I work with my teams to hold them accountable to achieving success. This success has driven the company to be the number one producer for major airlines in the Caribbean and client’s top choice in the region. I have extensive experience working with multinational corporations and individuals across the globe.

  • I’m a certified Pivot Accountability Coach. I met Pauline Caballero through Power Yoga Canada and joined her to become certified to lead her Pivot Accountability Coaching Program. The practices of the weekly program you are going to participate in are based on the Pivot methodology created by Pauline.  These are lessons Pauline has learned and put in place over and over again. I use the methodology of Pivot Methods in combination with my own methods of Life Design to help you design the life you want! 

  • I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Human Resources Management from the University of Waterloo but consider myself a life-long learner. You’ll never find me without a stack of business books on my nightstand or an interesting podcast on my daily walks.

  • I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and relate deeply to how women live and work all over the world.


For more information connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram.


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