• Life Design with Danielle has been developed to meet you wherever you may be on your journey.

  • You will learn how to think of success as a daily practice and stick to your goals when life tries to get in the way.

  • The practices of the weekly program you are going to participate in are based on the Pivot methodology created by Pauline Caballero of Pivot Methods. I had the pleasure of working with Pauline to become certified to offer the practices of Pivot Methods. I use the methodology of Pivot Methods in combination with my own methods to help you design the life you want!

  • As a Pivot Accountability Coach, I am here to ignite your curiosity, challenge you and support you.

  • We’ll review your work, health, mindset, and energy management routines to incorporate tools that are right for you.

be better than you were yesterday

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Working with a

PIVOT Accountability Coach

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We will develop weekly accountability plans and I will check in via the PIVOT Methods App on your progress. 

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We will meet on a scheduled basis and I will support you through the journey of shifting and moving in new directions with ease.

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I will lead you through practices that you can apply to your life over and over again, and we will work together to design a life that works for you.

you are the greatest project you will ever work on

I’m ready to invest in myself...what’s next?



We evaluate where you are right now  and what you want to achieve

90 mins


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I'm just getting started...

This program is designed for guests who are getting started on their journey to design a life they want. It has been developed with the busy lady in mind.


Work with Danielle to evaluate your life and how you are showing up. 

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Give me the secret sauce!

This program is highly personalized. Guests have an opportunity to work closely with Danielle over 10 weeks to learn how to Pivot in their life. Learn more about her secret sauce, be introduced to some great offers within her network and receive additional perks over the course of your 10 weeks with her. 


Through the practices of Listening, Questioning and Habits, you will be able to support yourself to achieve peak performance with ease in every area of your life after completing this program.

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I'm committed to my personal development.

This program is for guests who are looking to shake up their life. 


Perhaps you’re ready to change your routine, create new habits or achieve a goal or two on your life to-do list. We will look at how you’re showing up in the world and your life. 

On a Video Call


Customize your Accountability Coaching with Danielle

Choose a session from the program practices or add-ons to work through during the one-on-one coaching.


Sessions are customized to meet you where you are at.

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I wasn't sure what an Accountability coach was and I didn't think I needed one. I'm good at setting goals and achieving them, and I'm comfortable figuring everything out on my own, or at least that's what I told myself. But sometimes it takes someone with the right skills to help you get through your own masks and to stop trying to fool yourself.


With compassion, professionalism and an uncanny ability to see through the layers, Danielle was able to help me determine the questions I needed to ask myself to get onto the path I had been searching for, and she was able to provide me the tools I needed to take my next steps.  This isn't therapy, this is shedding veils and learning skills to be able to steer your own life, rather than letting the winds of fate determine your journey.